Abigail Farnsworth was born in Fulda, Hessen, Germany to Wynn and Sandy Farnsworth.  She has two sisters, Jennifer and Annalisa and a brother, Benjamin.

Abigail started Kindergarten at Rock Canyon Elementary in Provo, Utah.  She and her family lived in Provo while her father was stationed in Korea for a year.  When her father returned, the family moved to Puyallup, Washington.  She then attended Pope Elementary School.  In fourth grade, she began playing the violin in the school orchestra.  Abigail then attended Ballou Jr. High and then went to Rogers High School.  There she was involved in orchestra and was a member of the National Honor Society.

A week after graduation in 1995, Abigail started college at Brigham Young University.   She had many wonderful experiences while at BYU, such as working as an RA in S-Hall and taking a trip to Mexico City with her roommates.  Before graduating from BYU, she had the opportunity to teach fourth graders at Santaquin Elementary School.

The best part of BYU for Abigail, was meeting Paul Schlag.  They met their Freshman year and continued dating after Paul returned from his mission to Russia.  They were engaged in February of 1999 and married on June 15, 1999 in the Salt Lake Temple.  Abigail is proud to say that she graduated from BYU in April, 1999--before she was married.

After graduation, Abigail taught Pre-School at Adventure Time in Provo, Utah.  Upon moving to Colorado Springs, she started work at Children's Depot--teaching a Prep Class (4 & 5 year olds).  She continues to teach preschool in Athens, Georgia. She loves teaching!

Abigail has four wonderful children and is an excellent Mom with exceptional children!